Fathom held an open evening last Thursday the 20th, at their Production office in Oakland, CA, to showcase a variety of the additive manufacturing techniques currently available on the market.  Andy Gordon, one of Innovate Product Designs Designers attended the event.  Here are his thoughts from the event.Fathom is an advanced technology driven company with expertise in 3D printing and additive manufacturing. Fathom’s services include PolyJet Technology-based 3D printers, FDM Technology-based 3D printing production systems, SLS machine, laser cutter, vinyl equipment, complete model shop, photo booth, and more.The reason for my visit was to check out Fathom’s latest addition to the Rapid Prototyping tools, the brand new Stratasys Objet500 Connex3. The Objet 500 Connex3 can combine base materials as well as mix and max rigid, flexible and transparent ingredients in one run. It is also possible to print in 45 colors plus!!! Cyan, magenta and yellow are combined to bring flexible materials colors. Which is the largest color range for an additive manufacturing process of this type.The combination of materials allows a designer or prototyper to mimic mass manufacture techniques such as over molding, which is an exciting prospect, that was previously difficult or very expensive to do. Alongside producing vibrant prototypes like those shown above.The Fathom team were friendly and extremely knowledgeable on their services and manufacturing techniques. There were nibbles, drinks and a free giveaway of t-shirts and water bottles. Overall an extremely beneficial and informative evening and certainly an exciting prospect for 3D printing and additive manufacture!

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