INNOVATE EXPERIENCE WITH FIRST-TO-FILE.The US has recently changed its patent system to a system similar to First-to-File after the recent America Invents Act (Leahy-Smith).  Innovate have over 10 years of operating within such a system.  Innovate also has 10 years of experience of aiding European individual inventors in a wide variety of fields of product design with a large team well-practised in assisting clients explore and capitalize on their dreams.For our European/UK inventor assistance operations, we have a permanent drafting team who have successfully helped many hundreds of clients obtain critical protection at the UK Intellectual Property Office (UK IPO), which operates a similar system to that now in force in North America.Based on our successful formula achieved by our well established European headquarters, we have recently decided to expand our success to the US, which shares very similar system and inventor needs.We have formulated our process over time to provide our European clients with a greatly streamlined and simplified approach, that we can now offer you.  This helps you not only benefit from a relatively low-cost to achieve solid ‘Patent Pending’ coverage on your specific product, you will also benefit from our efficient and effective program that optimally positions you to approach the market even if you are on a very limited budget.Often a patent application may well not be granted, and so may be a purely commercial step to give you the ability to describe your concept as ‘Patent Pending’ to provide some notional cover to approach potential licensees or backers, particularly as they would be able to see that you had taken serious steps in seeking protection for your idea.But there are relatively inexpensive ways to achieve ‘Patent Pending’ status on your innovation and give you a relatively inexpensive way lock in your patent rights priority position under the new first-to-file system (e.g., ahead of other smart inventors who may try to file same invention ahead of you even though you thought of it first).A properly prepared patent application protects you from potentially losing all your patent rights (in the US and internationally) due to your own public disclosure(s) or product sales (attempt).By getting your innovation conception officially registered you can prove you came up with your innovation first and can help thwart or deter any would be theft of your ideas; something which, while still helpful, an NDA or relying on trust most often fails to achieve.  It should also be mentioned that, for many legal liability reasons, most prospective companies and investors will generally require at least a properly prepared and filed provisional patent application before they will even review an invention submission for their investment/purchase consideration.We offer two services well-suited to the budgets of individual inventors, please contact us for more specific quotations.In case you are interested in more expansive details about US patent protection complexities, please visit

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