Innovate Product Design is very excited to announce the launching of our FREE APP called the Invention Calculator!  A first-of-its-kind to help entrepreneurs and aspiring inventors assess the market potential of their invention idea. The Invention Calculator is an educational tool which estimates the commercial value of an invention idea.It was invented and designed by Alastair Swanwick, owner and CEO of Innovate Product Design, after years of despairing over the lack of understanding people have of developing a new invention.This APP can calculate the profit an inventor may receive by inputting the age, gender, geographic area and the price the consumer would pay for the product.  The calculator uses a formula to calculate the estimated manufacturing cost and therefore the gross profit, and then demonstrates how this varies, dependent on the different business model or route to market that the inventor chooses to apply.For a demo of the app for Android click here, for iOS click here.It is now available for iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store.

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