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We hereby offer a completely free no-obligation idea review so that we can give you the best advice for your idea or project, and to allow you and us (‘Innovate’) to review working together to further your invention – and for this purpose you are hereby assured that you may confidentially disclose business information, technical information or intellectual property relating to your project, idea or invention (hereafter called the “Confidential Information”). Innovate provides assurance it will hold all Confidential Information in absolute confidence, and not use any Confidential Information other than for a review of what help you may need, until such time as a contract is entered into, and before which time we will provide full information under the laws of the United States of America and the State of Florida. Innovate employees and any third parties consulted are bound by strict terms of confidentiality, or the professional confidentiality obligations of a regulated profession such as Law, and only those who need to know for your benefit will have access to the Confidential Information. Innovate does not acquire any rights to the Confidential Information during the review and if no contract is entered into all Confidential Information will be destroyed without disclosure. This Assurance does not place any obligations on you to disclose any information or negotiate or enter into any contract, agreement or relationship, legal or otherwise, but we will get your free review underway as soon as your idea reaches our office.

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