How to avoid costly mistakes

Different type of prototypes suit different needs

Proof of Concept.

It is a prototype to test the idea and its functionality. It is experimental and it will involve making a test rig.

Testing functionality early will save you time and money in the long run.

Functional Prototype

It explores the functionality of the intended final product with initial consideration of shape.

Concentrate on chore requirements. Minimum viable Product (MPV), designing it just good enough. Don’t waste money on too many features at this stage.

Appearance Prototype

This will look like the final product but does not usually function.

 Above, example of an appearance prototype




Avoid making an appearance prototype before establishing that your concept function as you intended, A more cost-effective way to visualise a final version of your product is creating a photo realistic image using CAD modelling.

Above, example of a 3D CAD model render

Final Design Prototype

This will look and function as if it was the final product, but the component parts will most likely be made using different manufacturing method processes and materials than in mass production.

Make sure that consideration has been given to manufacturing processing according to the initial volume projected.

Production Prototype

It can be used as a “Golden sample” to show production the quality standard. The prototype appearance, function, materials and manufacturing process are the same as the final product.

Sorely test the prototype, as it can be a very expensive mistake when you receive a shipping container full of faulty goods.



Innovate has their own on-site workshop used for prototype manufacturing done at a number of varying levels. For anything we cannot help with we have company links with which we can outsource some modeling. Prototypes can only be quoted once design work is complete.To learn more about how Innovate can help you better understand how to make a prototype of your idea, contact one of our specialists today!
Prototyping services that Innovate Design offer include:

Rapid Prototyping

CNC Machining

Vacuum Casting


Laser Cutting

Electronics Development

Fabric Prototypes

Mechanical Design

There are several different styles and progressions of prototypes that Innovate can help create for your project, dependent on your individual needs.

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