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Alastair Swanwick, CEO

One of his ideas, the Ice Clear -1, a device he developed to prevent water troughs from freezing over.

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Innovate: The Story of a leading Invention Development Company

During the 1990’s, whilst working in London, Alastair Swanwick had several product ideas he wanted to further. When looking for a company with the expertise to help develop new product ideas and provide the relevant Intellectual Property and marketing advice, Alastair found himself at a loss. He soon realized the real lack of resources and assistance available to individual inventors and became all too aware of the precarious nature of invention marketing companies. He recognized that the missing link between what was available and what was needed was the ability to develop and protect an idea on a minimum budget with the correct advice.

And so the founding idea for Innovate was created and Alastair enrolled on an Engineering Product Design course as a mature student, to learn the tools of his trade. In 2001, Alastair founded Innovate as a company that specialized in helping inventors to design and develop new ideas. His new business method, and his honest approach to innovation, was soon recognised by many.

Over the next few years, Alastair employed some of the country’s leading young designers to help him professionally design and prototype new inventions for clients. The services Innovate provided gradually began to expand, in line with the inventor’s needs and the changing times, as Alastair brought in Intellectual Property experts to assist with patent and patent searching and drafting services.

In 2010, Innovate were able to expand their prototyping department by moving into a refurbished Victorian warehouse complete with design studios and Research department.

At the start of 2011, Innovate introduced their new Product Marketing Advisory Service to provide a complete one-stop-shop for individual inventors. This service provides a more hands-on approach to taking products to market, whilst still maintaining the company ethos of helping people to profit from their ideas.

2012 saw the opening of an office in San Francisco to help US inventors turning their idea into a viable product.

2014 Recognized by the UK Government Trade & Investment with an award for business innovation.

Today, Innovate Design continues to succeed in helping clients to market new product and business ideas. Innovate’s ever-expanding array of expertise sees them currently comprising award winning design engineers, researchers, business development professionals and Intellectual Property experts, with experience in all areas of IP, product design and manufacture. Innovate now provide a complete service from protecting your product, through design and prototyping, to help with marketing. With in-house expertise, Innovate can take an idea from paper to product, providing inventors with the best chance of success at market.

Benefits of using Innovate Design

We have over 10 years experience in developing ideas. Take a look at our Case studies and Testimonials
We offer a review of your idea free of charge
You retain 100% of the idea and therefore 100% of the profits
All information shared is 100% confidential
Dedicated Client Manager
Specialized in helping individuals
We can take an idea all the way to be manufactured
Help & Guidance throughout the process

How can Innovate Design help?

Expert advice on Intellectual Property (IP) protection, including patenting
Global patent searching to establish originality
Cost effective professional product design
Prototyping your new product idea
Help with Intellectual Property applications
Product marketing advice and assistance
Market analysis
Commercial audit

Request a Free Inventors guide:

The "Inventing for Profit" Guide

Patent Advice/How to Patent an Idea

Confidentiality Agreements

Idea Submission Forms

News & Updates on Innovation

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