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Inspiration for the world’s next great idea invention can strike at any moment, and in any place. When the “ah ha!” moment for an innovative new invention idea occurs for the busy professional commuting home from work on the bus, or for the expectant mother at home anticipating the arrival of her baby, or for the world traveler who’s waiting in a security line at the airport, there’s often a great sense of uncertainty as to what to do next.

A new invention idea is a delicate entity to handle. While there is an immediate desire to share the idea and help foster it into a more tangible product or patent concept, there’s the simultaneous fear of having the idea stolen or copied before it ever gets to a prototype stage, let alone to market. 

Here at Innovate Product Design, we work with aspiring entrepreneurs and their invention ideas every single day. With our “Confidentiality Assurance” included as part of the initial new invention idea submission process, our innovation experts will then work to research the market for existing patents related to your idea, assist with the prototype development process, officially trademark or patent the idea, and then successfully launch and market the product.

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When inspiration strikes, and a would be entrepreneur has the next great invention idea rolling around in their head, anxiety and uncertainty often occurs next during the process of trying to figure out what to do next. Innovate Product Design has a long history of assisting hundreds of inventors and innovators through the entirety of the process, including:

Market Research & Idea Feasibility Analysis

Idea Protection, Patenting, and/or Trademarking

Product Concept Design

Computer Aided Design (CAD) Development

Routes to Market & Product Launch
Below are some of the many different industries with which Innovate Product Design has successfully assisted entrepreneurs with getting their new invention ideas from a concept to a patent protected product in the marketplace.

Ideas for Inventions by Industry – Innovate Clients

Sports Invention Ideas

Americans love a huge variety of sports and are increasingly self-aware of the importance of physical fitness. Americans also love gadgets and latest and greatest in technology. As such, the world of sports is a hot bed for entrepreneurs seeking to innovate and bring new and exciting products to the market. Click the button below to read about good ideas for inventions that have been transformed into successful sports products with help from Innovate.

Kitchen Invention Ideas

Cooking is a passion for millions of individuals around the globe. However, there are certain tasks associated with cooking that do not evoke a whole lot of enthusiasm. From peeling carrots to cleaning dishes, entrepreneurs are constantly finding innovative ways to improve the cooking experience with their new invention ideas.

Camping Invention Ideas

The United States has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to national parks and incredible open spaces. From Yellowstone Park to Yosemite, there is no better way to unplug from modern society and embrace the great outdoors than camping. However, camping can be a messy, frustrating endeavor, and entrepreneurs continually seek to improve on the camping experience through innovation and new invention ideas.

Pregnancy Invention Ideas

According to the CDC, there are nearly 4,000,000 pregnancies in the United States every single year. While childbirth is an awe-inspiring, beautiful, and life-changing event, the long pregnancy term can be very uncomfortable. This maternity demographic represents a major entrepreneurial opportunities as inventors are constantly working on new invention ideas to improve the quality and comfort of a woman’s pregnancy.

The material in this website is commercially focused and generalized information and opinion about successfully working within the existing legal framework of Intellectual Property, patents and patent law; and should in no way be viewed or construed as legal advice. Advisors at Innovate are not and will not be lawyers unless this is specifically stated.