We are very excited to be partnering up with Inventorz Network, which is a new platform that’s a mutually supportive and informative online community dedicated to helping inventorz bring their ideas to market. It was founded by Melinda Knight and Dhana Cohen of Womentorz.Inventorz Network is the only platform in the inventor industry to truly support and connect new and established inventorz with the people and industries that can take their product to the next level! From buyers, to package designers, to the media both traditional and social, the company provides the most comprehensive network in one online community.Inventorz Network is running the first contest of it’s kind.  Get your product considered and join their network.  Membership in their VIP Inventor’s Pavilion is $50 for the entire year.  When you get your page up, you will be considered for the Good Day Colorado Segment, CBS Sacramento or ABC Philly.  Only 5 products will make it on air per segment, so hurry and get your product up on the site to be considered.What you get in the only virtual inventorz connection platform:

  1. Chance to pitch your product to leading retailers & As Seen on TV companies-first
  2. Buyers from all different retailers, are part of our network and joining every day, searching for great products
  3. Industry Experts there to help you take your product to the next level….
  4. Products must be ready for retail
  5. A $300 value, for just $50 a year
  6. Our regional media and national social media reach to benefit your business 2 M+ monthly!

Sign up today for your chance to be considered!  Click Here for the VIP Membership, Deadline extended! Hurry only 10 spots left… Odds of winning 1-200! Producers make the final decision…***What we need if selected:  2 products requested  must be retail ready. Dhana Cohen will be presenting your product- if selected ***

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