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Appkettle Case study.

Clients: Robert Hill and Richard Hill

Product website:

Product facebook name: AppkettleVision

Product Twitter name: AppkettleVision

Appkettle has: Granted UK Patent, Developing Patent in USA, China, Europe, South Africa, Australia, Russia.

What is Appkettle?It is the World’s Smartest Kettle with App Volume, Temperature and Time Connected. A More Useful, Smart Beverage Making Experience For Everyone.It provides a complete interactive experience for connecting multiple users – via Wi-Fi – anywhere in the home or office. The Appkettle is controlled via a ‘live’ Smartphone app, with variable temperature control, smart scheduling, timing and keep warm features for perfect tasting beverages, whilst saving precious time and energy consumption. The Appkettle technology also includes volume-sensing features, an industry first.

The ProcessThe light bulb moment originally come from the time Robert Hill visited and sat with his family in the living room. They all fancied the perfect cuppa, whilst all being able to remotely see and control the kettle through their mobile devices.Initially Robert approached Innovate with his new concept and together we were able to create design and CAD models of his idea resulting in photo-realistic CAD visualisation boards.Robert and Richard applied for a patent originally through the design work with Innovate design in 2012 and then developed the intellectual property further in 2012 through to a granted patent in December 2013.  The patent is now being developed from PCT (2012) into 66% of all major small appliance sales regions.They attempted to contact brands worldwide with regards to their product and to develop interest to take the project further in 2012 & 2013. This was a difficult process, but one in which they learnt many lessons in how to approach companies and the best way to improve their credibility, was to gain a relationship with a worldwide development partner in Q3 2013. They presented their product and proposals to Otter Controls Ltd (one of the world’s leading control and connector supplier) and they really liked it, enough to support them through the last 2 years and into the future.“I won’t lie, it’s been incredibly difficult, but without doubt it’s been worth every moment, to establish a true connection to the person I would rather be and the sort of product I would rather create. Our results have been progressing well and we cannot wait to share the final product with the world.” Robert Hill

What next? Crowdfunding with kickstarter in March: they are raising funds for developing a prototype hardware and software through to a cloud based system, with testing, tooling and logistics encapsulated into our Kickstarter goal.When ask what tips he could offer to others when embarking on developing their new product idea, Robert Hill says:”Be humble and accept that it will take as much time as required, for you to learn the right way to make your idea a reality. There will be significant obstacles in your way throughout this process; many people will doubt you and your idea, whilst your credibility will also be questioned. Remember that developing your idea to reality, takes an incredible will to succeed, a belief in yourself that is unquestionable, in that you know what your doing is indeed worth it and it is most definitely ‘possible’ no matter what happens. Always believe in yourself and the product and remember the journey is worth all the incredible learning’s that you will receive. It will be hard at times, there will be doubt, but always remember that in making a decision, you create a new pathway, which leads to new possibilities and by doing this, you will be heading toward the goal you have in your mind, which ultimately leads to giving the benefit of your creativity to the world.  “

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