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Client: Mary Sheridan


Facebook: carrything

Product Twitter name: @carrythinghq

Carrything provides an easy way of carrying awkward items that don’t fit into a bag such as beach windbreaks, yoga mats, children’s buckets and spades etc.

The Project
Mary had her light-bulb moment whilst on an east coast beach, watching a family wrestle a windbrake and numerous other items of beach paraphernalia back into the car.

The Process
With Innovate help and advice, Mary was able to create, design and CAD models of her idea. After registering the design she made up her own sample with webbing bought from the local market, then sought someone to make the prototype.Looking to self manufacture, Mary sought advice from the Manufacturing Advisory Service who were extremely helpful and suggested regional organisations that she might contact. Having chosen the right company (textile Centre of Excellence in Huddersfield), she tested the prototype with a number of small groups, which included a World Challenge group going to Africa, some serious walkers and a group attending a music festival. These were people of varying ages and importantly, few of them knew her. Their feedback was immensely helpful, highlighting that the idea was fine, but the ‘arms’ that wrap around the item to be carried need to be a bit longer, also that a storage bag might be useful.After modifying the design Mary found Synergy Manufacturing, ideally located near her in Leeds, they were able to produce the webbing but, also manufacture the product. Concurrently, she discovered Supreme Creations who produced the storage bag.  Mary particularly chose them for their CSR ethos and the quality of their product. The leaflet advising on the products use was created by a friend of her who is an industry professional and was able to follow the design created by Innovate Product Design.“It has been a very interesting process and I have met some fantastic people, the majority of whom have been very helpful.” Mary Sheridan Testimonials“I found Innovate great to work with and value the honest, no nonsense guidance and support they gave me during the embryonic stages of my project.  The artwork they produced was super as were the very useful marketing suggestions.” Mary Sheridan
For more information on the self manufacturing process click here

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