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Moving Colourz

Case Study: Moving Colorz
Client: Dawn O’NealFiled for a US Patent May of 2014
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Moving Colorz is an all-in-one, color-coded moving kit that helps simplify & organize the moving process from start to finish.

The project Dawn had her lightbulb moment when, after having moved, she found a box in the garage a week later clearly labelled “Kitchen”! She realized that if you put a line of red tape around the top of the boxes you packed in the kitchen, all the red taped boxes would then be delivered to the new kitchen. Likewise the blue boxes for the dining room, the green boxes for the living room, and so on. Owners color code their own boxes to their own rooms.Dawn’s idea was to make unpacking of household boxes more organized by helping movers deposit correct boxes in correct rooms with little or no interaction with homeowner. Movers simply follow the colored arrow to deposit same colored boxes into that color’s room. This makes the stress of moving into a new home much easier to deal with; for example having the items from their old kitchen in their new kitchen and so forth for each room rather than a sea of brown boxes with writing on them or having to stop and read ineffective writing on each box.

The process After contacting Innovate and conducting a world wide patent search,  together with the design team, they were able to create and design CAD models of her idea.After contacting several people to help with the product, Dawn ordered the tapes, stickers, and boxes and began working on the literature that would go inside the box. After that was completed, they began assembling the product for a real estate convention to roll out the product. “We set up the website using a professional company who also set it up on FaceBook, Twitter and Amazon.”“The product is amazing and well received. It has yet to get the full exposure that it needs to be a household word, but I am pleased with the acceptance so far and cannot wait to get it marketed the way I know it can be.” states Dawn

What next Dawn is looking for the right outlet to partner with – “We will keep marketing the product to REALTORS®, movers, lenders, and trying to find the right niche that makes it POP. Hopefully we will connect with a large lender or real estate firm that will make the product part of the difference that sets them apart from the norm.”

Testimonials “As a first time entrepreneur, Innovate Product Design was very helpful explaining to me more than once how their process worked. Jessica patiently explained each step and when it was time to put the idea down on paper, she and Andrew worked hand in hand with me to make sure they captured the idea to correctly relay the product and idea to potential users, investors and marketing”. Dawn O’Neal

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