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Case Study: SUNZ
Client: Geoff QuinnSunz is a new spectacle arm fixing device that does not require screws and has snap-on and snap-off arms

The Project Geoff was fed up with having to buy or repair his spectacles and decided to come up with his own design.

The Process Geoff approached Innovate for advice. After carrying out a worldwide patent search, Geoff and the Innovate team designed and modelled his new product idea taking into account the functionality required. A patent was filed in the UK and registered design in Hong Kong,With his demonstrations boards, Geoff contacted the main spectacle manufacturer to get some feedback and license his idea. Unfortunately they were not interested, it was counter-productive to their business as they also did repairs. He, then, decided to manufacture the item himself, redesigned the format a little and put together a product that should be a unique niche market success.He found a UK source that was able to make his product and supply him with prototypes and a complete set of 12 samples put together. “They priced all the components up for me separately and shipping to my door. Getting prototypes made in UK is very expensive and time consuming. I have an excellent contact in China now. I pay 30% deposit and the remainder on shipping. Also included is a quality control which is vital.” Geoff Quinn“Designing a new product can be difficult, however I drew on my past experience and business that I sold on and still is a success for the new owner. The idea was to come up with a solution to satisfy the fashion and gift market. Having researched the market I found out how big it was and this was the criteria for going ahead.” Geoff Quinn

Testimonials“I went to Innovate with my initial idea and they provided me with very professional presentation boards. The follow up material was very well produced and the patent check was the clincher.” Geoff Quinn

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