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Tub it safely

Case Study: Tubitsafely
Client: Mike  Leslie
Tubit Safely© is a food storage solution to help reduce the cross contamination within the food industry using the colour coding that already exists. It has “patent pending”

The Project When new food legislations came into place requesting that you can no longer use the same tub for raw meat and cooked food, Mike Searched the internet to find suitable products. He was not able to find an affordable, colour coded tub that was a solution to the problem, so he decided to make his own.

The Process In 2014, Mike approached Innovate Design. First, they did a worldwide patent search to see whether the idea was original and if it was not going to infringe on someone else’s patent. From the results Innovate designed and visualised Mike’s new product.After finishing the process with Innovate, Mike sourced a manufacturer in Shanghai after visiting four factories to make sure they were suitable and everything was right to deal with. They went ahead and produced over 27000 tubs in two sizes and six different colours.”Got the factory we were using through a sourcing company in China, went out to visit and took our designs, went for a look at the chosen factory so I COULD SEE , feel and touch those who would be doing the next process, received a sample and had a we tweak at the design then went ahead with the manufacturing …… found it quite straight forward to be honest.” Mike Leslie

The Results With the help of his son, Mike has launched his new product and can be purchased from his website www.tubitsafely.comIn the future they would like to widen their range , make a tubitsafely @ home for the home market and get into as many countries as they can.

Testimonials “Sourced the team through the internet and wanted to visit your office as quickly as I could , I was blown away with the knowledge and enthusiasm the team had, they got my idea straight away and probably exceeded my expectations in the design that was delivered.” Mike Leslie

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