By Jessica VannAs Sunday was Mother’s Day, we thought it would be nice to share some products from our mom inventors.

Tracy Wilson & Emma BrownDribble Stop Tops

Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Brown, both moms to two boys and four boys respectively, came up with the idea one day over coffee.   Both moms had the same experience of their boys getting rashes from the dribble that would seep through their clothes because the material was not absorbent enough.   So they decided to do fix the problem and Dribble Stop Tops was born.Dribble Stop Tops is a pocket made of specialized waterproof materials with skin-like breathability which is hidden inside the top which completely covers and protects the dribble zone aka the chest area.  It has a unique extra high neckline which ensures maximum coverage and it has a discreet dribble stop protection that acts as a barrier and helps stop dribble soaking though to the baby’s delicate skin.

Una DriscollBelt up Kidz

Mrs. Driscoll is a mom of two and came up with the idea almost seven years ago when her daughter would keep escaping from her car seat, stroller, etc.  She would put her arm through the straps and try to stand up.  Mrs. Driscoll knew something had to be done and thus Belt up Kidz was born.Belt up Kidz is a retrofit child safety buckle that helps to ensure that the arms of your children stay safely inside the shoulder straps of their Strollers, Highchairs, Car Seats, etc.  It is portable for use on different items of equipment with webbing widths up to 40 mm and is adjustable to allow child growth across the chest area.

Kate CastleBog in a Bag

Mrs. Castle loves to camp with her two children and a constant problem she came up against was taking her children as well as herself to the restroom because you have to trek across a dark wet campsite.   She figured there must be a better option than a bulky chemical based toilet and so she decided to invent one.The BoginaBag (Bog in a Bag) is a unique portable toilet that is extremely light-weight, portable and very robust.  It folds out as a seat in all places, but when nature calls you then remove the cover insert one of our specially designed degradable bags, relax and relieve yourself.  It provides the owner with a solution to that age-old question of needing to go but having nowhere to go!Innovate Product Design is an award winning product design firm that helps individuals and entrepreneurs design, develop and protect their new inventions and ideas.  They can help you get your idea from your head or rough sketch into a viable product that you can present to companies, investors and/or manufacturers.  To request more information, give them a call at 415-970-5276 or email them at

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