This week, one of Innovate Design’s clients in the United Kingdom, Katy Leung, has launched the website for the Bagket. In response to the £186 million of excess baggage charges made by British airlines alone, Bagket aims to provide an innovative and comfortable solution.The Bagket itself is a convertible jacket/shoulder bag with 22 pockets including storage for laptops, tablet PCs, items of clothing, books, passports and much more. With the ability to hold approximately 10kg of belongings, Bagket is an adaptable piece of kit that is surprisingly stylish for an item with such functional benefits. The bag can be worn as a shoulder bag when walking around the airport etc and then when it comes to checking in, the bag can be simply converted to a jacket which can be worn without exposure to baggage restrictions.Since Katy first approached Innovate in 2010, where she had the original concept designed, she has been hard at work protecting the idea and then finding a suitable manufacturer. Bagket is now available to purchase online via On the website, you will also find videos showing the product itself in use as well as information on how to order the product.Innovate always welcomes new ideas and are on hand to answer any questions that you may have. Feel free to give us a call on 415-940-5832 or order one of our free information packs available.

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